The real problem in the world at the moment is easy to define: We’re using too much.

I have no intention in becoming the next blog with research on this problem, the results of our behaviour, etc. . With this blog I would rather want to research solutions. What can we (you and I) do in order to change the world, who is creating new ways to harvest energy, where are the opportunities, how should society evolve,… .

On this small presentation I briefly explain the problem and why we should change our current system:

I will base this blog on 3 pillars that (in my humble opinion) will be the foundation of the new society we’re moving towards: Ecology, Equality, Economy

  • Ecology: We have to lower the use of resources radically if we want to stop exhausting the world’s reserves. Local food, production, energy is an essential part in relieving our impact on this planet.
  • Equality: 
  • Economy: It’s quite logic that an economy based on a non-stop growth of the GNP will not last forever in a place where the resources are finite. It’s also scientifically proven that once you reach a certain GNP, your happiness will no longer be dependent on keeping the GNP growing, so there’s no real reason why we should keep focussing on that.

For a more detailed explanation I would recommend you search the web a little or send me an e-mail, I will gladly recommend some blogs, webpages or books.


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