Keep the game, change the rules

The Extended Marketing Mix or 7P-model by Booms and Bitner is a complement to the traditional Marketing Mix Model (4P’s).

What is it for?

Just like the traditional 4P-model, the 7P-model can be helpful in defining your product, service, market or organisation. By thinking about and defining the 7 main concepts in your market, you’ll be able to visualize the boundaries of that market and find new ways of acting on that market.

On the first look on the tool, you might wonder what this tool is doing on a blog about sustainable entrepreneurship since Planet is not defined as one of the P’s. A truly environmentally conscious organisation will not approach sustainability as an add-on but as a condition. Make sure you define your impact on both the planet and society in every of the 7 P’s.

The 7 p’s


Do the characteristics of your product (or service) meet the…

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WHY I DO WHAT I DO As a designer and entrepreneur, I want to develop systems that have a strong impact on short term and will guide society towards a more sustainable, social and economically different system in the long term. WHAT I DO I blog about and do projects with people and organisations driven by passion. I'm always on the look for new projects, ideas and people to meet, contact me!
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