Keep the game, change the rules

My brother recently gave me a book called “The new complete book of self-sufficiency – The classic guide for realists and dreamers”. Todays post was written in 1976 by a man called E. F. Schumacher. His book “Small is beautiful” will be discussed on this blog later on (if you haven’t read it, go to the library and get yourself a copy, it’s worth it!), right now I would just like to share the foreword he wrote for first version of “The complete book of self-sufficiency”:

Forword to the first edition (1976)

Dr E. F. Schumacher, CBE

We can do things for ourselves or we can pay others to do them for us. These are the two “systems” that support us; we might call them the “self-reliance system” and the “organization system”. The former tends to breed self-reliant men and women; the latter tends to produce organization men and women…

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