Keep the game, change the rules



In order to navigate the paradigm change, the green movement emphasizes the need for active citizenship. Empowerment (both on political and business level) are essential concepts for this.

The official definition of empowerment can be found here, what it comes down to in the end is that people become aware of the possibilities around them, their strengths and the strengths of others in order to translate these possibilities in feasible projects. On a societal level, this can lead towards what is referred to as ‘the Big Society’, a society where social transformation as a result of active citizenship is standard. In terms of paradigms, you can say it’s the shift from ‘Power over’

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About leyssensjan

WHY I DO WHAT I DO As a designer and entrepreneur, I want to develop systems that have a strong impact on short term and will guide society towards a more sustainable, social and economically different system in the long term. WHAT I DO I blog about and do projects with people and organisations driven by passion. I'm always on the look for new projects, ideas and people to meet, contact me!
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