Keep the game, change the rules

This post is inspired by an article I read in the Belgian magazine Knack called “The hour of the amateur” and an article on which can be found here.

A young nurse, interviewed by John Humphrys recently on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme, was asked what she considered the two most important qualities in her job. “Being caring and being compassionate,” she replied.

“Not being professional?” Humphrys countered, emphasising that her answer was very unusual.

“No, not being professional,” she confirmed.

Subject of both articles is the former professional cricket-player Edward (Ed) Smith. Smith broke his ankle at the age of 31, thus ending his professional sport career. He became a writer/journalist and in the weekends occasionally played cricket as a hobby. Amazingly enough, he became better than he ever was. Without the professional training, the big salary and some extra pounds.

Smith explains that by becoming what he calls ultra-professional, he forgot…

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