Use a fan to reduce your energy bill in the winter

I read this really clever energy saving tip on re-nest that I wanted to share.

When, in summer, you put on your fan, the blades will move air down, giving a nice breeze. In winters on the other hand, the fan can be used, if reversed, to keep the air around you a bit warmer! Here is how it goes:

When you’ve put the heating on, hot air will go up and cold air will come down. This is why it always takes a while before you feel the room warming up. If, on the other hand, you reverse your fan while heating, cold air will be pulled up and warm air will go down.

According to re-nest, this simple action may reduce your energy cost with 10%!.

Now, I’m not really into fans as they use to much electricity (Belgium isn’t too hot so opening a window in the summer of keeping the curtains down usually does the trick). But if you can redesign the fan in a way they stop using energy (they don’t need to turn fast in winters!), you might get a real simple and effective way to reduce energy.

Imagine a fan that works like an old pendulum clock with a cord and counterweight. When you get home you simply hang a weight on a cord and your energy bill goes down 10%!


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