Wind tower

It’s been a while since I posted something new concerning wind energy, but the waiting was worth it…

ZENA System Co. presented the world’s first Wind Towergenerator. Basically, the concept is based on the windcatchers which the Persians already used to cool their homes.

The company claims their towers are 2.5 times more efficient than existing wind generators!

How does it work?

The Wind Tower is shaped hexagonal and can collect wind from any of its six faces, at any height, at any speed. Once inside the Wind Tower, collected wind is compressed and accelerated through the installation.

The wind is then guided towards the blades, which are located underground, making it easier (and cheaper) to maintain them. Because the turbine room isn’t located in the tower, it can also be upgraded easily when new technology is available.

Differences between existing wind turbines and the Wind Tower

The main differences between the two can be found here. As far as I’m concerned I think the main difference and advantage is, next to the higher output, the architectural value you can generate.

The tower looks quite impressive and the top can be used as anything you want. Architects might include this design in their original plans in order to create completely independent systems…


About leyssensjan

Jan Leyssens is a designer and entrepreneur who strongly believes you can’t turn sustainability into a positive story if your main focus is on negative impact. When designing, he is always looking for the overlap between activism and entrepreneurship, technology and community. His main expertise lies in strategic business model development, Circular Economy, the makermovement, and social innovation. With a background in Industrial Design, Jan quickly shifted his focus towards business design and using the design process in strategic management. Jan is the father of two kids and founder & CEO of Regenerative Design, co-founder of Full Circle, ImpactBoost, and the Circular Design map, podcaster, storyteller, and changemaker.
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  1. Stewart says:

    To enquire about the methods, principles or information quality of this launch, get in touch with Allan Tomas (613-951-9277), Industry Accounts Division.

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