Happy 2011

I found this interview on Newint (New internationalists) called perspectives from the frontline.

In the interview (which can be found here), 4 environmental activists try to define the problems we’re facing today and why we’re facing them.

For me, the line that best defines how we should tackle these problems is this one:

We need to think about collective solutions, not individual response. We need to view climate change as a political problem, not a technical one.

As usual I’m quite optimistic for the next year. If you read this post, take your time to read (and fully understand) what the interview above is all about, after that watch the short video below, feel happy and get going.

happy 2011,



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WHY I DO WHAT I DO As a designer and entrepreneur, I want to develop systems that have a strong impact on short term and will guide society towards a more sustainable, social and economically different system in the long term. WHAT I DO I blog about and do projects with people and organisations driven by passion. I'm always on the look for new projects, ideas and people to meet, contact me!
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